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Lab Schools

College Partnership Laboratory Schools

About Lab Schools

  • Lab schools are K-12 schools established by postsecondary institutions to provide students an innovative, high-quality education experience
  • Lab schools are the future of education—a partnership between postsecondary institutions, employers, school divisions and communities to innovate and best serve students

Creating a lab school

  • All four and two year colleges and universities, public and private, as well as higher education centers are eligible to launch a lab school.
  • All application materials can be found on the Virginia Department of Education’s website

Opportunities to get involved

Partner with a postsecondary institution to bring a lab school to life. Private business and nonprofits can get involved by:

  • Working with a lab school to spearhead academic programs in an in-demand field such as computer science, additive manufacturing, sports medicine, etc.
  • Offering space in your office, lab, or studio so students can have firsthand experience in a work environment
  • Sponsoring internships, shadow opportunities, or work study programs
  • Serving as a board member on a lab school board and providing expertise on financial management, personnel, and program design
  • Providing financial contributions to ensure the sustainability of the school
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Provide unique and hands-on learning opportunities. Lab schools can experiment with different subjects, schedules, and experiences for their students.

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Bring the outside world into the classroom. Businesses, nonprofits, and higher education institutions can all contribute their expertise to educating students in their community.

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Use evidence-based best practices and high standards to give students a best-in-class education. 

College Partnership Laboratory Schools